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NEW AGE SMOKE, Our first shop was based in Armagh City. Country Armagh, N.Ireland and handles all website based sales.

The company was formed by a smoker who wanted to stop smoking for health and financial reasons.

After years experimenting with ALL the therapies, gum, patches, sprays, hypnosis etc. I found the world of electronic cigarettes.
Just like everyone else who smokes knows, it is a hard habit to quit and it does have so many enjoyable attributes that non smokers cannot comprehend.

 Now you can have all those sensations and at a fraction of the cost using a quality product.

We have tried and tested so many versions. Some good and many not so good. Poor quality and value for money is a major down fall in any new product to the market.

 We have personally invested in product testing

  • so you don't have pay to try the one in your local supermarket, chemist or on the internet.
  • Buy quality and buy it once.
  • Simple, effective and is as close to the sensation of traditional cigarettes as is currently possible.

 Adding new brands

We will be adding new brands and concepts as the market evolves but only after rigorous testing, so that you the customer get value for money and return here, because newagesmoke.com provides simply the best.

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