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Hello fellow Vapers. As you are probably aware. The Electronic Cigarette market is going to change drastically over the coming days. So we at www.newagesmoke.com have some
MASSIVE DEALS for you our customers !

So the changes in brief:

Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40(EU) Article 20. (EU TPD) Comes into effect on May 20th 2017.
Article 20 of the EU TPD deals specifically with ecigarettes covers many different areas of regulation.
You as an customer will need to be aware of what is actually changing?
Here is the full directive to read: here

1. Nicotine-containing eliquid bottles cannot exceed a volume of 10ml in size.
2. Maximum nicotine strength will be 20mg / 2%
3. Maximum tank / clearomizer size will be 2ml
4. All nicotine containing eliquids must undergo toxicological  and emissions testing and be notified to EU before being placed on EU market and have individual EC-ID numbers for local government bodies to relate to concerning testing.
Various Bottle sizes
4. All nicotine based eliquids must undergo toxicological  and emissions testing and be notified to EU before being placed on EU market.
Overall this is a good piece of the EU TPD regulation, as it means that all nicotine containing eliquids placed on the EU market will have undergone rigorous testing. But this testing is very expensive, and  it is not viable for manufacturers to test all liquids resulting in many flavours not being put through the regulations. Hopefully your flavour is not in that list?
We currently have stock of larger eliquid bottles which exceed the 10ml regulation size and we are selling off to our regular customers at a 50% discount.
Basically Buy One...Get One Free !

Tanks / Clearomisers 
Most people are happy with a tank that does not exceed the 2ml maximum volume set out in the new regulations but if you like a larger tank. “Now Is The Time To Buy”
If you are not sure if your tank exceeds the limit. Check the details of your tank via our web site https://www.newagesmoke.com/product-list/29-clearomizers and if again you are unsure drop us and email and we will do our best to help. info@newagesmoke.com
Coils,wicks etc are not under the regulations so don't worry we will still have stock of your favourites.


Happy Shopping to our valued customers.

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