Can I vape in the airport?
Most UK and Irish airports are Ok with it but it is always nice to ask if you do not see anyone else vaping.
Heathrow has its own vaping lounge but it is still OK to vape anywhere in the airport outside the gateways.

Proceedure for security checkin.
Most EU based security check-ins have seen a vast array of vaping devices. But we suggest you have your batteries fully charged and easily to find within your luggage so you can get to them easily for their viewing during the security process.
In my opinion it is best to have your batteries fully charged Locked and disconnect from the clearomiser,tanks or cartridges prior to packing.

Can I take my Vaping device on a plane?

Yes no problem, but airlines can be funny on the type of batteries in luggage in our case Lithium-ion.

Best to put it in your carry on luggage and not in your pocket as it may slow down your boarding in the security checking area.
As for E-Liquid it is not usually a problem on the majority of airlines but suggest limit it to 10ml bottles and of course sealed in a plastic bag. (Although I just leave them sealed and loose and have never had a problem)

Can I vape during the flight?

Quite simply no!
The only Airline that you may "purchase" one on board would be Ryan Air and it is Vape it or nothing!
Now for you Revolutionaries out there who want to "Stealth vape" As a rule most standard e-liquids will not usually set off the smoke detectors in the toilets BUT heavier liquids have been known to do so ?
A word of warning Qatar Airlines have been known to come down very hard on Rebels who still decide to vape during flights.

Make sure you have enough for the trip?
So how long are you away from your usual supply chain.
How much liquid do you usually vape in a day a week etc
How long does your coil,wick last on average.
Remember that your usual flavour or equipment in alot of cases will not be available where you are going so make sure you have slightly more than you usually need to get you through the trip.
Lets not even think about Airport delays??

So in the proceeds of getting ready for your trip remember to come into one of our stands or buy online

When in Rome.
Something that we may not think about is other peoples perceptions of your vaping.
Some countries have yet to see a "Vaping Device" Some will be excited and some will be very anti vaping.
So it is good to just sit back and do not annoy others who are new to the concept.
Just be patient and accomadating to others around you.
Enjoy your experience in far away places.