Aspire - Cleito Tank (CLE01)
★★★ New Product ★★★

The Cleito Tank is a top fill tank with an all new coils that replaces the standard chimney and delivers maximum airflow and vapour production. 

Made of stainless steel with a pyrex glass tube, making it easy to see the liquid inside. 

The cleito cuffs come in four different colours, yellow, red, black and blue. The cuff help to dissipate heat and the allow you to colour coordinate with your mod or they can be used to remind you of what liquid you have in your tank.

The Cleito uses a revolutionary new coil design that frees up any restriction in the airflow by eliminating the need for a static chimney within the tank itself. This results in an expanded flavour profile and increased vapour production. Combined with a claptonized kanthal coil for maximum flavour.

The cleito atomizer is designed to deliver a rush of intense flavours with a broad profile.

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